Monday, 2 December 2013

Another school week

Again last week we were finishing off projects. I did another sample, this time doing a reverse applique sample which I really like. Even the photograph of it looks interesting with all the dark and light areas. With this sample I took a picture of it and put it on the computer. Before printing it I edited a bit and changed the contrast so I ended up with 3 slightly different pictures of the sample. With this I created 3 design ideas using the shapes I would see in the sample. I created 2 dresses and a coat. I think this could looks really nice as a pint on a garment. Going back to my native american project I was working on my headdress and totem pole page. For the totem pole page i did a painting on tracing paper, just to try another material. From this I did an applique sample. I cut out pieces of fabric which I had backed them with bond-a-web. I then placed them all in position and ironed it together. Some sections where fiddly to place but overall I think it worked really well. All over a garment I think this applique sample would be really fun. I also created a kaleidoscope-like pattern using a picture of the totem poles which I think works really well. I like the geometric look aswell as the earthy colours. Also Last week I did a page on Native American Headdress'. First I did a pen and water drawing which turned out really well. I then created a sample using feathers, feathered cut fabric and strips of fabric. I layered it all together and sewed it down. I like how it doesn't just look like the headdress but you can see how it was inspired by it. From the whole page I also did a design idea.