Sunday, 27 April 2014

Holiday + First Week Back

So after two weeks of holidays we were back to college with the stress of the finals weeks creeping up on us. I did a bit of sketchbook work in the holidays, designing, researching and sketching. When I got into school straight away I was working on a beading sample, inspired by the colours and texture of a flower. It was time consuming but I loved the end result and how it moved. On an actual this would be much bigger. I went back to my drawing and developed a selection of design ideas. I'm enjoying the drawing element of this project as its letting me focus on shape and colour however im finding the sample ideas hard. The reason for this is because alot they have interesting shape there's not alot of texture and pattern to to create a sample from. However it is getting on well and im enjoying the range of colours in this project.

Friday, 4 April 2014

cont; Floral Project

So this week on my floral project I have been looking more at textile and fashion designs. Inspired by my lily drawing I did a free hand embroidery sample using swatches of dark pink fabric to add depth and shading like in my drawing. I think it makes the sample more loose and artistic rather than if I has just added tone using a darker coloured thread. The free had foot gives it that sketchy feel like in my drawings. Using this sample I designed two designs. My next textile move was inspired by Christopher Kanes 2012 collection, he designed these garments using appliqued flowers and organza. I did the same by cutting out flowers and just gluing them under and on top of a piece of organza. I love how my sample turned out its really summery especially with the sparkle of the organza I used. If I were to develop this into a garment I would use floral fabric and stitch them down. Its going to be interesting to look more at how fashion designers have used flowers in their garments.